Industrial production in the health area

APACARE a project by APAMETAL aims to boost industrial production in the health area. APAMETAL comes to diversify its business area and enter the health area with the presentation of new individual protection products on the market that are essential to guarantee the health and safety of citizens, health professionals, security and rescue elements.

APAMETAL was the first company to obtain production authorization from ASAE, allowing it to gain a competitive advantage over other companies, diversify its business area, increase turnover, and increase exports through CE certification of products. No less important is the fact that the existence of national companies producing this type of equipment allows the National Health System access to a diversified offer of products, reducing the ratio of imports and consequently reducing Portugal’s dependence on to other countries, with regard to this type of equipment.

Productive innovation COVID 19.
In order to support and protect all Portuguese people at the most critical moment of the COVID 19 pandemic, Apametal dedicates 80% of its production to individual and collective protection products.

Donation of Visors to Portuguese Hospitals
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