Designed for a wide range of industries.

Apametal began its journey by implementing corporate image programs. Following a business strategy grounded in ethical values and services provision. Apametal has expanded its range of products white consistently striving to achieve the highest quality standards.

This has been accomplished through the development of new strategies and expansion of business areas, enabling Apametal to continually raise the bar in service quality.

We have a team of around 100 professionals equipped with the most sophisticated technical means, in order to guarantee and guarantee the customer a high quality in all phases of conception, development and implementation of the programs in which we participate.


With this, our company intends to offer quality solutions and quick intervention, not only in terms of the product developed but also in its after-sales period.

Being turned to and being requested by all sectors of activity, from Banking, Insurance, Distribution, Telecommunications, Hospitality among others, we understand that to guarantee a total quality service, we will have to be in permanent evolution, guaranteeing in this way our success and especially that of our customers.

As proof of our objective, APAMETAL is now certified by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, by the BVQI Certification body, PME Líder and PME Excellence.


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